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Thomas Shirley and Isabella Basset

Thomas Shirley.
Born about 1315 (S1); son of (Sir) Ralph de Shirely and Margaret de Waldeshef. (S4).

He fought in the Hundred Years War. He held the office of Member of Parliament (M.P.) for Warwickshire circa 1321. (S4). If he was MP in 1321, he must have been born beforee 1315.

He married Isabel Basset, daughter of Sir Hugh Meinill and Alice Audley. (S4).

He died (in 1362)(about 1363).

Isabella Basset.
Born (about 1334-S2,S5)(about 1339-S6) at (Drayton Basett, Staffordshire)(Meynell Langley, Derbyshire-S6), England.

Her father is in question:
She is often said to be the daughter of Ralph Basset and Alice Audley.
She is sometimes also said to be the daughter of the second husband of Alice Audley, who was Hugh Meinill (Meynell) and Alice Audley.

She is usually said to be born in or about 1334. This appears to be selected because her usual father, Ralph Bassett, died in 1335. It then appears that after that conjecture, she was determined to be the daughter of Alice and her second husband Hugh Meinill. This then created the thought that having been born before the death of Ralph, she must have been born illegitimately. [see Cokayne-S4]. Though this is possible, it appears to be more the creation of false assumptions for her birth year and parentage in the first place.

This confusion is furthered by the fact that her son Hugh Shirley, son and heir of her and Thomas Shirley, was acknowledged by the (half?) brother of Isabella to be his nephew and rightful heir, and he, Ralph Basset the younger, devised all his lands on his nephew, Hugh Shirley. This was apparently an attempt to prevent the estate from being split up and divided between other relatives. This is sometimes taken to indicate a brother-sister relationship between Isabella and Ralph, rather than brother and half-sister.

Following the death of Thomas Shirley, she married (2) Gerald Braybrooke. (Gerard Braybroke). (S5).

She died on 25 April 1393 at Newark Leicestershire, Newark On Trent, Nottinghamshire, England; and was buried in Colmworth Church, Bedfordshire, England. (S5).

CHILDREN of Thomas Shirley and Isabella Basset:
  1. Hugh Shirley. He married Beatrix de Braose. He inherited the Basset estates. He was Grand Falconer to King Henry IV in 1400. He fought in the Battle of Shrewsbury in 1403, being one of those who were dressed as the King and mistaken for him by the enemy. He died in 1403. (S4).