Emeric de SIDGATE

Emeric de SIDGATE. (Aemeric).
Born about 1217; son of Aimeric. He was Lord of Sidgate Manor, next to Durham City, surrendered to him by Geoffrey de Aix before 1217.

Sidgate Manor lies in the area of Durham that was known as Sidegate. Sidegate was literally a side entrance to the medieval city, and gate was an old word for street rather than a gateway. Sidgate (as it was then spelled), was first recorded in 1217 and was held by Gilbert De Aikes of Aykley Heads. He sold it to Aemeric, son of Aimer, Archdeacon of Durham. Aemeric's sons Richard and Emerie took the name De Sydgate, but successive descendants throughout the world have been known by the surname Emerson. {S4}.


  1. Richard de EMERIC. (Richard fil Emeric). Born about 1256. (1256 Assize Roll.). Fines after 1217. Sold Sidgate Manor to Peter del Crook who called it Crookhall.
  2. Emeric fil Emeric, Death date unknown. Probably died without issue, of Killoe Parish, County Durham.


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