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Hans Jacob Sommer and Barbara Gibel

Hans Jacob SOMMER.
Born 18 July 1634 at Zell, Zurich, Switzerland; son of Cunrad SOMMER and Barbell KUNN.

He married Barbara GIBEL on 10 APR 1657.

He died 29 JAN 1691 at Zell, Zurich, Switzerland.

Barbara GIBEL.
Born 10 August 1634 at T., Zurich, Switzerland; daughter of Hans GIBEL and Anna AMMAN.

She married Hans Jacob SOMMER on 10 April 1657.

She died in 1675 at Zell, Zurich, Switzerland.

CHILDREN of Hans Jacob SOMMER and Barbara GIBEL:
  1. Hans Heinrich Cr. SOMMER. Born 3 January 1672 at Zell, Zurich, Switzerland. He married Ester WYMANN on 22 July 1710. He died at O., Zurich, Switzerland.