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Oliver St John and Sarah Bulkeley

Oliver St. JOHN. He was Right Hon Knight, MP.
Born (about 1570-S?)(about 1575-S1,S2,S3) in (London-S?), England; son of Henry St. JOHN and Jane NEALE. He was of Keysoe, Bedfordshire, England (S2).

He married (1) Sarah BULKELEY (in 1597-S2,S3)(about 1610) in England.

He married (2) Alice HASELDEN (Hasilden) on 16 August 1611. (S3).

A Member of Parliament for Cayshoe, Bedfordshire, England.

His will is dated 13 March 1625.

Sir Oliver's will is in the Public Record Office, PCC Wills 1626/149 folio 73. It is dated 13 March 1625 and was probated 1 May 1626. The following persons are mentioned:
first wife
wife Alice
daughter Dorothie Westland
daughter Judith, unmarried
daughter Elizabeth
eldest son Oliver
brother-in-law Peter Bulkley, uncle of my children
Mary and Ann under 18, my two daughters and their mother, my wife
father-in-law Mr. Thomas Alleyne of Gouldington
brother Mr. William Hasolden
youngest son John St. John
son Edward St. John
sister Fraunces Weales
mother-in-law Mrs. Marye Alleyn
brother Mr. Robert Hasolden
nephew Mr. Samuel Browne

Will of Oliver St. John (S4):
from Genealogical Gleanings in England by Henry Waters 1907. Page 1420 -1421.
Oliver St. John of Bleishoe in the County of Bedford, gen. 13 march, 1625, proved 1 May 1626. To wife Alice (certain household stuff) and the desk in the chamber where she and I do usually lie, being over the kitchen, wherein many writings are, both of indentures and other things (the great trunk which was my first wife’s and the painted clothes only excepted). Certain bedding in the chamber where my mother did ly while she lived, called now my son Oliver’s chamber. Certain silver whereon her name and mine is set, or letters for the same, being bought by my brother (in-law), Mr. Robert Haselden. Furniture in house in Camoyes wherein Edward Clarke now dwelleth which I bought of Mr. Thomas Ansell when I purchased the said house and ground of him. She to have the use of those things during her life and to leave them in good order and repair to my son Oliver. To Dorothy Westland, my daughter, my great white silver beaker. To my daughter Judith two hundred pounds, one hundred in six months next after my decease and the other hundred at the day of her marriage or at the age of six and twenty years, also my lesser white silver beaker. To my daughter Elizabeth one hundred pounds, in two years after my decease, and four years parcel of my term of years which I have yet to come in my farm at Ripton which I hold of the Right Hon. the Earl of Bollingbrook; the lease to be kept by my loving brother in law Mr. Peter Bulkley, her uncle, one of my overseers. And I do further give unto the said Elizabeth St. John, my daughter, a little silver tun which we usually use which was her own mother’s. I do give unto Mary and Anne my two daughters, to either of them three score and six pounds, thirteen shillings and four pence in eighteen months after my decease, to be paid into the hands of my loving father in law Mr. Thomas Alleyne of Gouldington, my brother Mr. William Haselden and my good and loving wife their mother; which hundred marks apiece is in consideration of one hundred pounds which I received from my said brother William Haselden as part of the increase of one hundred pounds by him employed to my use in the East India adventure. Other gifts to them at eighteen or days of marriage. Certain real estate to son John St. John. And my executors are to pay unto my said wife (natural mother unto the said John) five marks yearly towards his education. To son Edward an hundred and three score pounds, three score to be paid unto him at the time of his coming out of his apprenticeship and the other hundred two years later. To my sister Frances Weales, to make her a ring, thirteen shillings four pence. To my mother in law Mrs. Mary Alleyn a double ‘duckett’. Gifts to brothers Mr. Robert Haselden and Mr. William Haselden. I do give to my loving brother Mr. Peter Bulkley my black mourning cloak which he hath at his house and thirteen shillings four pence in money to make him a ring. My loving friend Mr. Thomas Dillingham. The poor of Heyshoe and of Blettsoe. The poor of Over and Lower Deane. My eldest son Oliver St. John to be sole executor. And I do humbly desire the Right Hon., my Honorable Lord the Earl of Bollingbrook, together with my kind and loving friends Mr. Thomas Alleyn of Gouldington my wife’s father in law, Mr. Peter Bulkley, Mr. William Haselden and my loving nephew Mr. Samuel Browne to be my overseers. Wit: Peter Bulkeley, Judith St. John, Elizabeth St. John, Lawrence Mathewe. (S4).

Oliver died 23 March (1624-1625)(1625-1626-S3) at Keysoe, Bedfordshire, England. (S3). He was age 49. (S1). He was buried 23 March 1625-1626.

WIFE (1):
Born (about 1574-S?)(in 1580-S1,S2,S3) at Keysoe, Bedfordshire, England; daughter of Edward BULKELEY and Olive IRBY.

She married Oliver St. JOHN in 1597 in England.

Sarah died in 1611 in England. (S1,S3).

CHILDREN of Oliver St. JOHN and Sarah BULKELEY:
  1. daughter Dorothie. Married Westland.
  2. daughter Judith, unmarried
  3. daughter Elizabeth. Elizabeth St. John, b. at Cayshoe, Bedfordshire, England, in 1605, the daughter of Sir Oliver and Sarah (Bulkley) St. John, married August 6th, 1629, Samuel Whiting, his second wife (Parish Reg. St. Botolph, Boston). She came with him to Lynn, Mass., in May, 1636 (Memoir of Rev. Samuel Whiting).
  4. eldest son Oliver ST. JOHN
  5. Edward ST. JOHN
  6. youngest son John ST. JOHN. Born about 1598. He died in 1673.
  7. Matthias ST JOHN. {S1}. [NOTE: What is the real documentation that Matthias is the son of Oliver and Sarah?]. Source 1 says Matthias's parents were married in 1610 in England. Oliver and Sarah were obviously married earlier. There is no mention of a Matthias in the will of Oliver St. John. It has been speculated that this is because Matthias may have married below his social class; however, the will was written in 1625 and Matthias married in 1627.

WIFE (2):

CHILDREN of Oliver St. JOHN and Alice HASELDEN:
  1. Mary ST JOHN. Under 18 in 1625, so born at least by 1607.
  2. Ann ST JOHN. Under 18 in 1625, so born at least by 1607.