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Humphrey Stafford and Anne Neville

Humphrey STAFFORD. First Duke of Buckingham. [CHART A1].
Born on 15 August 1402 at Stafford, Staffordshire, England; son of Edmund STAFFORD and Anne of Gloucester (Anne Plantagenet).

Humphrey Stafford was best-known as a military commander in the Hundred Years' War and in the Wars of the Roses.

When Humphrey was a small child his father died and he became 6th Earl of Stafford, inheriting a large estate with lands in more than a dozen counties.

Knighted in 1421, he was made a knight of the Garter (KG) in 1429, and became a Privy Councillor from 1424.

He married Anne NEVILLE [F950787] before 18 OCT 1424, probably at Raby, Durham, England.

Stafford was Lieutenant-General of Normandy between 1430 1432 and was created, in 1431, the Count of Perche, a province in English-occupied Normandy by King Henry VI. This title was one of many granted by Henry VI to his leading supporters during the English occupation of France.

He was created the First Duke of Buckingham, a new title, on September 14, 1444. He had previously been recognized as Earl of Buckingham, by right of his mother, who was the Countess of Stafford.

Captain of Calais, Seneschal of Halton 1439, and Lieutenant of the Marches 144251, he also served as an Ambassador to France in 1446. Stafford became Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports and Constable of Dover Castle (and Queensborough, on the Isle of Sheppey), in 1450.

He died 10 July 1460 at the Battle of St. Albans (Battle of Northampton-S4, S8), Northampton and was buried at Grey Friars Monastery, Northampton, England.

Born (about 1404)(1411-S4), of Westmoreland, England; daughter of Ralph de NEVILLE [F1901574] and Joan de BEAUFORT [F1901575]. She married Humphrey STAFFORD [F950786] before 18 October 1424, probably at Raby, Durham, England.

She married possibly (2) Walter BLOUNT.(S3).

She died 20 September 1480 and was buried at Pleshy, Essex, England.

CHILDREN of Humphrey STAFFORD [F950786] and Anne NEVILLE [F950787]:
  1. Joanne (Joana)(Joan) STAFFORD. Born about 1386 in England. She married Sir William (John) KNYVET (KNEVITT)(~1378-1464). She married Viscount William Bedumont.
  2. Humphrey STAFFORD. (7th Earl of Stafford). Born about 1424 at Stafford, Staffordshire, England. He married Margaret BEAUFORT, daughter of Edmund BEAUFORT. He died in 1455 at the Battle of St. Albans.
  3. Henry STAFFORD. He married Margaret BEAUFORT, daughter of John BEAUFORT, before 1464. Margaret was the widow of Edmund TUDOR. Henry died in 1481.
  4. Richard STAFFORD
  5. John STAFFORD. (1st Earl Wiltshire).
  6. Edward STAFFORD
  7. Anne STAFFORD. Born about 1465.(S7). [That date is too late. It is therefore apparently a different Anne Stafford who married Richard Neville]. She married Aubrey De Vere. She married Sir Thomas Cobham. She married Richard NEVILLE.(S7). She died in 1472.
  8. Margaret STAFFORD. [CHART A1]. Born in 1435 at Buckingham, England. She married Robert DUNHAM.
  9. Catherine STAFFORD. (Countess Shrewsbury). .She married John TALBOT before 1467. She died 26 DEC 1476.
  10. George STAFFORD
  11. William STAFFORD
  12. Elizabeth STAFFORD.


  Humphrey Stafford (1402-1460) and Anne Neville (c1404-1480)
Margaret Stafford (1435-?) and Robert Dunham (1430-?)
John Dunham (1450-1524) and Elizabeth Bowett (c1450-?)
John Dunham II (1474-1502) and Jean Thorland (c1475-?)
John Dunham III (1498-1545) and Benedict Folgamsee (c1500-?)
Ralph Dunham (1526-?) and Elizabeth Wentworth (c1536-?) 
Thomas Dunham (1560-?) and Jane Bromley (c1560-?)
John Dunham Sr (c1588-c1699) and Susanna Kenney/Keno (c1588-c1620)
John Dunham Jr (c1620-1692) and Mary (c1620-1698)
Mary Dunham (c1642-1715) and James Hamblin (c1636-1718)
Elkenah Hamblin (1685-1764) and Abigail Hamblin (1685-1733)
Sylvanus Hamblin (1712-c1753) and Dorcas Fish (c1716-?)
Barnabus Hamblin (1739-1799) and Mary Bassett (1745-c1810)
Isaiah Hamblin (1790-1856) and Daphne Haynes (1797-1847)
Jacob Vernon Hamblin (1819-1886) and Sarah Priscilla Leavitt (1841-1927)
Ella Ann Hamblin (1867-1947) and Warren Moroni Tenney (1861-1935)
Clive Vernon Tenney (1895-1960)  and Minnie Williams (1896-1981)
Mildred Ella Tenney (1920-1982) and Glenn Russell Handy (1912-1999)
Deborah Lee Handy (living) and Rod Morris (living)