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Bartholomew Stovall and Ann Burton

Bartholomew STOVALL.
Born 24 August 1664 at Alborough (later Albury), Surrey, England, son of George STOVALL and Joane TICKNER. (S6,S7).

Note: S7 says he was born 24 August 1665, which is in the Julian Calendar System, but which is 18 October 1665 in the present calendar system. (S7).

His father was buried on 8 November 1665 at Alborough, Surrey, England. (S7).

He was raised in the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). (S4). His birth was recorded four times in the Quaker Records of Guildford, with two different dates, as Bartholomew Stowell. (S4).

RG6/1112, Register Book of the Births of the children of the People(of the Lord- deleted) called Quaker belonging to the Meeting at Guildford in Surrey.

Bartholomew's birth is recorded on the 24th of the sixth month of 1664. Records are located at the Library of the Religious Society of Friends, Friend's House, Euston Road, London, England. The N. W. L. MANUSCRIPTS can be found in the Library under the title, "DIGESTS OF BIRTHS FOR THE QUARTERLY MEETING OF SUSSEX AND SURREY". Additional books registering Bartholomew's birth include; RG6/1186-register of the Shere Meeting with his birthdate as 1665 and RG6/1604-register of Surrey births list the year as 1663. The Surrey record is the earliest with the others merely copies of it. (S5).

Guildford, Godalming and Sheere Society: FRIEND'S MEETING on 3rd month, 7th day, 1675 show the Widow Stovall bringing forth her son, and asking for assistance from the Quakers assembled at Albury to obtain an apprenticeship for her son. (S7).

He was christened on 11 November 1683 at Albury, Surrey, England, in the in the Episcopal Church (Church of St. Peter and St. Paul) at Albury at the age of 18, in preparation for his departure to America, a necessary requirement for entry into the colonies. Quaker and other non-Episcopal religions were not held in the same regard as the members of the Church of England. (S7).

The Virginia Records show a Barth. Stovall in 1684 emigrating to Virginia, according to 1691 records of Richard Kennon who received land for all the emigrants he brought over.

Westminster, London, England Middlesex Guildhall. On July 7, 1684 he signed an indenture document to serve as husbandman to John Bright; Merchant of London for 4 years on arrival in the Colonies, in return for passage to Virginia on the Booth, a ship captained by Peter Pagan, Master and witnessed by Joseph Pycraft. (the indenture in the MIDDLESEX QUARTER SESSIONS RECORDSNo. A-628,V. 12, Page 379 - THE GENEALOGIST MAGAZINE, Sept. 1957. Virginia, USA):

This indenturship Between Bartholomew Stoell, aged about 21 years of the one party, and John Bright of London, Merchant, on the other party. WITNESSETH thant the said Bartholomew STOELL doth thereby covenant, promise, and grant to the said John Bright his Executors and Assigns, from the day of the date hereof, until his first and next arrival in Virginia and after, for and during the term of four years, to serve in such service and imploymnet, as he the said John Bright or his assigns shall there imploy him according to the custom of the country in the like kind. In consideration whereof the said John Bright doth hereby covenant and grant to and with the said Bartholomew STOELL to pay for his passing, and to find and allow him meat, drink, apparrel, and lodging, with other necessaries, during the said term, and at the end of the said term to pay unto him accordinge to the costom of the Country. (S7).

In April 1690, Richard Kennon received 8,000 acres land patent from the Henrico County Court, Virginia as payment for bringing emigrants to the Colonies; of ninety whites, whose names are given, and seventy negroes. One of the names on Kennonís list is Bart. Stowell (1684). (S7).

It is thought that he may have had a previous marriage, probably following his release from his indenture in about 1688 or 1689. (S7).

He received a marriage license on 6 August 1693, and married Ann Burton two days later, on 8 August 1693 in St. John Church (Episcopal), Henrico Parish, Virginia. (S6,S7). This church, located near the town of Curle (Curles), Virginia is gone, however, some original items may be at the new church, 2401 E. Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia.

Bartholomew Stovall was a husbandman or farmer. They lived on 318 acres next to Deep Creek and the James River in what is now Powhatan County, Virginia. (S6). This land is owned by the Catholic Church and was the site of a school, St. Emmaís Academy, which is now unoccupied and condemned.

Bartholomew acknowledged in writing on 1 December 1699 that he had received from John Stewart, Ann's stepfather and guardian, all her interest in her father's estate.

December 1699, Bartholomew received wife's portion of the estate of her father, Thomas Burton after a final accounting by stepfather, John Stewart. See BURTON'S CHRONICLES OF COLONIAL VIRGINIA,Page 109 by Francis Burton Harrison. (S4).

The RENT ROLLS of 1704 list Bartholomew with 100 acres ofland. See QUIT ROLLS OF VIRGINIA by Annie L. W. Smith, 1975 &VIRGINIA HIST. MAG. Vol. 28, Page 207-208. (S4).

He left a will dated 14 January (1717-S6)(1718-S7)(1718-1719) and it was probated on 1 May 1721 in what is now Powhatan County, Virginia. The witnesses; Ezekile Sudbury, Ashford Hughes and Stephen Hughes, (who was a Quaker). The will is on file but deteriorated in the Virginia St. Library, Henrico Co. Misc. Court Records, Vol. 3, page 543. In the will, he mentions his wife Ann, sons; George, William and Thomas and daughter named Hannah. His other two sons; John and Bartholomew, Jr. were listed in several land deeds.

So he died probably about April 1721, probably at Deep Creek, Henrico Couty (now Powhatan County), Virginia.


Recorded on 14 January 1721

Henrico Co. Loose Papers: Vol. 3, Page 543

(This document is close to the wording used by Bartholomew, in that words such as YE meant THE, SN meant SON, where there are ----- means words were unknown due to time and exposure. )

"In the name of God amen I Bartholomew Stovoll, a --- county and parish of --- bodily health but of sound and perfect mind andmemory, praise be given to Almightly G ---. Ordain this mylast will and testament in manner and form following which is to say --- and principlely I commend my soule into ye hands of Almightly God hopingthrough ye merits Douth-and passion of my Savior Jesus Christ to have fulland free pardon and forgiveness of all my Sins and to inherit EverlastingLife, and my Body Icommit to ye Earth to be decently Buried at the decrestionof my Executorshereafter named, and as touching the Disposition of allsuch temporall Estateas it hath pleased Almightly God to bestow upon meI give and disposed thereof as followeth, first I will that my Debtesand --- funerall charges be paidand Discharged."

"Item I give and bequeath to my son George Stovoll al ye upper--- of my land I now live on beginning at Taber's corner fifty poles downriver thence as --- --- to ye back line be ye --- same more or less tohave and to holde ye same him his heirs for ever."

"Item I give and bequeath to my son William Stovoll beginningabt Georges corner Seventy pole Down ye river at ye James tract of Landafter ye (death) de ces of my wife to have and to holde to him and hisheirs for ever I likewise will that he ye sn William shall have Libertyto Seal --- tons any of ye woodland ground in ye time of my wifes Lifeprovided he --- not with her fenced ground."

Item I give and bequeath unto my Son Thomas Stovall of ye ---tractof land eighty eight pole down ye river from Williams corner to haveand toholde to his and his heirs forever.

Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Hannah Stovoll all ye--- of my tract of Afore P beg same more of less to have and to hold yesame to --- her heirs forever and my Will is ye Dividing Lines go a Southcorce.

Item I will and Desire my executrix hereafter named --- Acresof Land and to pay for ye --- and patent for ye nar --- Stovollto beequally Divided between them.

Item I give ---years also in ye 10 f meetings --- all ye rest and bestowed to my ---estate Goods and --- and bequeathmy loving wife Anne a home I appoint full and --. Last will& testament to which I set my hand and Seal the 14th day of January.

Signed and sealed in present of Stephen Hughes, Ezekell (his X mark)Sulberne and Alfred Hughes.

Bartholomew (his X mark) Stovall.

Born between 1671 and 1675 (about 1670-S3) on "Cobbs" plantation on the Appomattox River in Henrico County, Virginia (S3); daughter of Thomas BURTON and Suzannah HATCHER. (S7).

The will of her brother John Burton is dated 30 December 1679 in Longfield, Henrico County, Virginia. She was granted one Heifer calf. (S8).

She married (1) Bartholomew STOVALL on 8 August 1693 in the Old St. John's Church, Henrico Parish, Virginia. (S4,S7).

Henrico County, HENRICO CO., VA. DEEDS, WILLS, ETC. 1688-1697 Page 435, marriage license issued on 6 Aug. 1693 to Bar. Stovall & Ann Burton, her stepfather being John Steward. (S4).

The marriage of Bartholomew Stovall & Ann Burton took place on 8 Aug. 1693 at Old St. John's Church according to the THE ANNALS OF HENRICO PARISH AND OLD ST. JOHN'S CHURCH Page 226.(S4).

Her husband Bartholomew died in 1721 at Deep Creek, Henrico (now Powhatan) County, Virginia. (S7).

Ann remarried (2) John SAUNDERS (about 1722)(about 1725-S4)(before October 1725-S7) after death of Bartholomew. Chronicled in HENRICO CO., VA. ORPHAN'S COURT, 1677-1739, Page 54, she remarried around 1725 to John Saunders, a widower from York Co., Virginia. (S4).

On 6 August 1722, her sureties petitioned the Court to compel John Saunders, her husband, to give security for the protection of the estate. On 5 October 1725, the Orphans Court directed him to appear in connection with the affairs of the orphans of Bartholomew Stovall. This indicated that at least two of the children were still under age. Saunders' will of 2 October 1736 does not mention Ann, so she must have been dead by that date. (S6,S7).

CHILDREN of Bartholomew STOVALL and Ann BURTON:
  1. George STOVALL. Born about 1695 in Henrico County, Virginia. He sold property in Henrico County in 1726, therefore it was concluded that he was about 21 years old ehen his father's will was made in 1717, and that he was the oldest child. (S6). He married (1) Elizabeth (WILES ?)(WILEY or WILDES-S6) about 1718 in Henrico County, Virginia. He sold his property in Goochland County and moved to Albemarle County, where he established a ferry across the Fluvanna (James) River in 1752. (S6). His wife (1) Elizabeth died about 1754. (S6). He married (2) Elizabeth (LANDON-S6) about 1756 in Bedford County, Virginia. He carried on extensive plantation operations. He furnished supplies to the Continenntal Army during the American Revolution, and assisted in the transport and ferrying of troops across the James River. George's will, dated 18 April 1786 in Campbell County, and proved 7 December 1786 in Campbell County, Virgina, lists only the children of his second wife. He mentioned in the body of the will that his children by his former wife had had their portions and "my desire is that they have no more." He was able to sign his own name. (S6).
  2. Bartholomew STOVALL. Born (about 1695)(1698-1699 or 1707)(about 1708-S6) in Henrico County, Virginia. He married Mary HUGHES (before 1729-S6)(about 1730). He died between August and October 1777. (S6).
  3. Hannah STOVALL. Born about (1700-S6)(1701) in Henrico County, Virginia. She never married and died in 1749 in Lunenburg County, Virginia. (S6). However, she is also said to have married LEARWOOD and to have died in 1773. (S3). She is also said to have married Luke Wildes or Wiley, but this is thought to be improbable. (S6)
  4. William STOVALL. Born (about 1703)(about 1697-1698-S6) in Henrico County, Virginia. He married Judith (TWITTY ? - S6). He died in 1736. (S6).
  5. John STOVALL. Born (about 1706)(about 1710-S6) (1712) in Henrico County, Virginia. He married Dorcas about 1733. (S6). He moved to Lunenbury County, Virginia about 1744-1747. (S6). He moved to Granville County, North Carolina about 1750. (S6). He died between July and November 1781 in Granville County, North Carolina. (S6).
  6. Thomas STOVALL. Born (1700)(about 1705-S6)(about 1708) in Henrico County, Maryland. He married Elizabeth (Betty) OWEN. (S6). He died in 1803.


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