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Jesse Stovall and Elizabeth Howard

Jesse STOVALL. [Family Tree].
Born (about 1760-1770-S22)(about 1770) in Powhatan County, Virginia; son of Bartholomew STOVALL III and Sally BRACKETT.

In 1790 his father gave him a deed to 100 acres (in Powhatan County)(in Cumberland County, now Powhatan County-S22). He married Elizabeth HOWARD on (7-S22)(12-S?) December 1791 in Powhatan County, Virginia. In 1797 he made a deed to Boyle Brackett in Powhatan County, Virginia. In 1797 he also gave a power of attorney to his brother George in Powhatan County, Virginia. In 1799 he was appointed surveyor of the road from Haward’s cart path to Sandersville, and was ordered to use his own hands and those of Joseph Howard, Mrs. Elizabeth Bagley, Mrs. Ann Woodson, William Clark, James Carter, and Anthony Martin for keeping the road in good repair.

In 1804 he deeded property in Powhatan County, Virginia to John Aston that apparently was some land with a mill that was the dowry of his wife.

In 1805 he sold the last of his property in Powhatan County to John Toney.

A deed of Trust, dated 11 March 1805, between Jesse Stovall, Powhatan co., Va., and Jane Howard [his mother in law] of same county, John Toney and Wilkins Wilburn: Jesse Stovall stands justly indebted to the said Jane Howard by an obliga... (S22).

Shortly thereafter, in 1805, he moved with his family to Green County, Kentucky. In 1806 and 1807 he appears on the tax list of Green County, but no land is listed.

He died about 1807, probably in Green County, Kentucky. This is indicated by the fact that Elizabeth appears as head of a household on the Green County, Tax lists in 1808.

Elizabeth HOWARD.
Born 6 June 1760 (in Albemarle County-S?)(probably in Albemarle County-S?), Virginia; daughter of William HOWARD and Jane of Albemarle County, Virginia.

She married Jesse STOVALL on 12 December 1791 in Powhatan County, Virginia. She may have possibly been married prior to her marriage to Jesse STOVALL.

In July 1804, she relinquished her dowry in mill and land in Powhatan County, Virginia; apparently part of the sale in which land was deeded to John Aston, since the report was submitted by John Aston and was ordered recorded. She moved with her husband and family to Green County, Kentucky in 1805. Her husband died about 1807. This left Elizabeth to raise her family alone in the early frontier of Kentucky. She did so successfully, raising a large family and giving them a successful start in life. She was a remarkable lady to remain alone in the frontiers of Kentucky after the death of her husband, just to give her children a better opportunity.

She appears several times in the early records transacting business for the family. She appears as head of a household on the Green County, Tax lists in 1808, but with no land. In 1809 and 1810 she again appears, also with no land. In 1811 she is listed with 100 acres on the Green River; and with property, but not the amount given, on Pitman Creek. Her son William Howard Stovall served in the War of 1812. She is listed again in the Tax lists of 1812 and 1813, but no property is listed. In 1815 she is listed with 100 acres on Pitman Creek, in Capt. Marshall’s Co. What Capt. Marshall’s Company means is not stated, but apparently had something to do with a land grant to Capt. Marshall, possibly for her son, William Howard Stovall’s service in the War. In 1817 she is on the tax list but no property is given.

On 11 OCT 1817 Elizabeth gives a power of attorney to Joseph Stovall to “recover rights in estate of my father in Virginia.” In 1819 she is on the tax list with 100 acres on Pitman Creek, and 158 acres of the Green River. Joseph Stovall and W. H.H. Stovall are listed separately on the 1819 tax list but with no land. They had obviously reached adulthood by this time. In 1820, Elizabeth, Joseph and the We. H. Stovall & Co. are listed but with no property given. On 6 NOV 1820 she purchased 158 acres on the headwaters of John’s Creek “by Beall’s and Taylor’s lines, Ford’s line, and Clair’s line” from Charles and Martha Cobb of Robinson County, Kentucky for $1700. {B104}. On 23 JAN 1821 this deed was recorded. On 10 MAY 1821 she made a mortgage to the Bank of the Commonwealth of Kentucky of 100 acres for $500. It was witnessed by Joseph Stovall and ? Ford. In 1822 she is listed with Joseph, Thomas, George and John. In 1827 she is on the tax list with 158 acres on Green River. In 1829 she is on the tax list with William H., George, Thomas and John C. In 1830 she is on the tax list with 158 acres, but the location is not given.

Elizabeth is in the 1830 Census in Green County, Kentucky as head of household. (S19).
Free males, 30 through 39. 1.
Free females, 20 through 29. 1.
Free females 60 through 69. 1.
Slaves males. 24 through 35. 1.
Slaves males. 55 through 99. 2.
Slaves females. 24 through 35. 2.

On 2 DEC 1830 she gave a bond for her son George to marry Maria SCOTT. In 1834 she is on the tax list with 168 acres on Russell Creek. Though the creek in named differently, it is apparently the same plot of land.

Her will was written on (5-S4) or (8-S9) MAR 1835 in Green County, Kentucky. It mentions six of her seven children, but not son Joseph. Charles G. Wentersmith and Thomas R. Barnet are named executors.

She died (10-S18,S20, S21)(12-S22) MAY 1835 in Green County, Kentucky. She was buried in Elizabethtown, Hardin County, Kentucky where her daughter Jane lived.

Her will was proved 16 NOV 1835 and recorded 20 NOV 1835 in Green County, Kentucky. On 15 DEC 1835 her land containing 158 acres was sold.

There is a mystery on her gravestone, which is found in the Elizabethtown City Cemetery, Elizabethtown, Hardin County, Kentucky. The grave stone reads: Elizabeth Howard, Wife of Thomas Stovall, Born June 6, 1760. Died May 10, 1835. Mother in Law of H. G. Wintersmith. (S18,S20, S21). This does not appear to have been another marriage, since she appears alone in the records between the time of Jesse's death and her own. The presumption is that it is an error made by the children who placed the grave marker. The note on the bottom of the gravestone that says Mother in Law of H. G. Wintersmith seems to indicate that the family of daughter Jane, who lived in Elizabethtown, were the ones who placed the gravestone. Jane's father died when she was about 7 or 8 years old. By the time her mother died in 1835, she or her grandchildren could have been confused about Jesse's name. Another possibility is that perhaps Thomas was his middle name, though it appears no where in previous documents.

CHILDREN of Jesse STOVALL and Elizabeth HOWARD:
  1. William Howard STOVALL. Born in 1793 in Powhatan County, Virginia. He served in the War of 1812. He married 5 JUN 1827 to Martha Jane MINTER. He became owner and operator of the Stovall Tobacco Company. He made his will on 11 JUL and died 13 JUL 1833 in Green County, Kentucky. He was probably buried in the Brush Creek Meetinghouse Cemetery. A child’s grave is also mentioned as being there.
  2. John C. STOVALL. Born in 1794 in Powhatan County, Virginia. He married (1) __?__. They had four children. He married (2) Louisa Jane. They had one child. He died about 1870.
  3. George Stovall. Born in 1795 or 1805. He died in 1849.
  4. Jane C. STOVALL. Born 10 JUL 1799 in Powhatan County, Virginia. She married 18 (26) OCT 1826 to Horatio G. WINTERSMITH of Elizabethtown, Kentucky. She died 27 APR 1877, probably in Elizabethtown, Hardin County, Kentucky.
  5. Thomas B. (perhaps Barnes) STOVALL. Born 6 JAN 1800 in Powhatan County, Virginia. [The births of Jane and Thomas are apparently too close together for them both to be correct]. He married 17 NOV 1830 to Judith BASS, dau. of Peter (Thomas) BASS and Nancy COMPTON of Green County, Kentucky. He died 14 NOV 1872.
  6. Sarah (Sally) B. STOVALL. Born about 1805 {B69}, but probably before 1803, in Powhatan County, Virginia. She married 13 AUG 1840 to Yelverton O. BOOKER in Green County, Kentucky.
  7. Joseph STOVALL. Born probably between 1800 and 1804. He may have died before 1835.
  8. George STOVALL. Born (about 1795)(about 1805) in Powhatan County, Virginia. His mother made a bond for him to be married on 2 DEC 1830. He married Maria SCOTT on 20 DEC 1830. They apparently moved to Barren County, Kentucky shortly after the wedding. He died 20 August 1849 in Barren County, Kentucky.


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