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Samuel Sturtevant and (1) Mary Cornish

Born (19 April 1645-S2)(1654-S?)(19 April 1654-S4,S6,S11) at Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts; son of Samuel STURTEVANT and Ann LEE.

He married (1) Mary CORNISH in 1676 at (Plymouth-S1,S2)(Halifax-S4), Plymouth County, Massachusetts.

He married (2) Elizabeth Horrell SMITH. (S2,S6) on 12 August 1715 at Beverly, Massachusettts.

Samuel died on 21 April 1736 at (Plymouth-S1,S2)(Halifax-S4,S6,S11), Plymouth County, Massachusetts. He is buried in the Monponsett Lake Cemetery, Halifax, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. (S11).

Mary CORNISH. (Mary-S11)(Mercy-S6,S11)(Marcy-S6).
Born 4 August 1654 probably in Massachusetts.

It is difficult to find any Cornish family members in early Massachusetts. Here are some:

1. Benjamin Cornish. Born 13 FEB 1703-4 at Plymouth, Massachusetts. He married Experience Gibbs on 11 NOPV 1725 at Plymouth, Massachusetts.(S10).

2. Henry Smith [F4274] is said to have married a miss Cornish, but she apparently died in England.

She married Samuel STURTEVANT in 1676 at (Plymouth-S1,S2)(Halifax-S5), Plymouth County, Massachusetts.

Mary died on (3 JUL)(4 AUG-S1,S4,S5,S6) 1714 at (Plymouth-S1,S2)(Plympton-S5,S6), Plymouth County, Massachusetts. She is buried in Plympton, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.(S6). BURIAL: 5 August 1714, Old Burying Ground, Plympton, Plymouth, Massachusetts.(S7).

  1. Mercy Sturtevant. (Mary)(Mercy-S11). Born about 1676 at Plymouth, Massachusetts. Mercy married David Bosworth, son of Jonathan Bosworth and Hannah Howland, on 18 August 1693 at Plymouth, Massachusetts. Mercy died in 1707.
  2. Samuel STURTEVANT. Born about 1677 at Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. (S11). He married Mary PRICE on 20 January 1706-1707. He was buried on 18 September 1743 at Halifax, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.
  3. Hannah Sturtevant. Born in 1679 at Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. (S11). She married Ebenezer STANDISH, son of Alexander Standish and Sarah Alden, on 23 January 1697 at (Duxbury)(Plymouth-S11), Plymouth County, Massachusetts. She died in 1759.
  4. Nehemiah Sturtevant. Born (about 1681)(in 1682-S11) at Plymouth, Massachusetts. Nehemiah married Ruth Sampson, daughter of George Sampson and Elizabeth, on 9 December 1703 at Plymouth, Massachusetts. (S11). Nehmiah died in 1744.
  5. William Sturtevant. Born about 1683 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massahcusetts. (S11). He married (1) Feare CUSHMAN, daughter of (Rev) Isaac Cushman and Rebecca Rickard, on 12 February 1707-1708 in Plympton, Massachusetts. William married (2) Joanna Dunbar, widow Tilson, daughter of Joseph Dunbar and Christian Garnet, on 25 January 1747 at Halifax, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. The had no children. William died on 28 August 1753 in Halifax, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. From Isaac Allerton of the Mayflower: The will of William Stertevant of Hallifax dated 7 Aug 1753, proved 3 Sep 1753, names daughters Hannah Ripley and Fear Waterman; grandchildren, the children of late son Isaac Stertevant, via.: William, Isaac, Simeon, Samuel, Jesse, Nathaniel, Deborah and Martha; wife Joanna; son-in-law John Waterman Junr. executor. (S9).
  6. James Sturtevant. Born (about 1687)(on 16 July 1688-S11) at Plymouth, Massachusetts. James married Susannah Cook, daughter of Francis Cook and Elizabeth Latham, on 15 February 1710 in Plympton, Massachusetts. James died in 1756.
  7. Josiah STURTEVANT. Born ca 1690 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Josiah married Hannah Church, daughter of Nathaniel Church and Sarah Barstowe, on 24 December 1719 at Scituate, Massachusetts. Josiah died in 1774.
  8. John STURTEVANT. Born on 10 February 1692. (S11).
  9. Moses STURTEVANT. Born on 15 June 1695 at Plymouth, Massachusetts. (S11). Moses married Elizabeth Horrell, daughter of Humphrey Horrell and Elizabeth Smith, on 16 June 1720 at Plympton, Massachusetts. Moses died about 1762.

WIFE (2):
Elizabeth Horrell SMITH.
Born about 1671; daughter of John Smith and Elizabeth Goodale. Elizabeth was 1 when she was christened on 8 August 1672 in Salem, Massachusetts.

Elizabeth married Samuel STURTEVANT on 12 August 1715 at Beverly, Massachusetts.

Elizabeth died ca 1746. She and Samuel Sturtevant had no children.


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