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Benjamin Tenney and Ruth Blanchard

Benjamin TENNEY. [Familytree].
Born 28 October 1746 (S5,S6,S8) at Hollis, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire; son of William TENNEY and Ann JEWETT.

He married Ruth BLANCHARD on 28 January 1772.

They moved to Temple, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. It appears that he moved to Temple before 1775. (S4). Temple was originally known as Peterborough Slip, by which name it was first granted in 1750. It was incorporated as Temple in 1768 in honor of John Temple, lieutenant governor under John Wentworth. (S3).

On 19 April 1775 he (marched to the alarm)(marched part of ye way-S4,S7) to Concord, Massachusetts. From A List of Those Persons Who Marched From Temple to Cambridge on the alarm of the 19th of April, 1775. In all, of 56 who marched, 46 went to Cambridge. (S4).

In October 1775 the town of Temple made a census of men and arms. The town was in possession of 66 guns in repair and 4 guns out of repair, of 112 pounds of public powder and 45 pounds of powder in private hands. This was the largest stock of powder in the county. There were in the town 491 men, women and children. Among them is Benjamin Tenney, with:
1 Males under 16 y'rs of age.
1 Males from 16 years of age to 50 not in ye army.
0 Males above 50 y'rs of age.
0 Persons gone in ye army.
2 Females.
1 Guns.
1/2 Powder. (S4).

In Congress, March 14th, 1776. (S4).
Resolved. That it be recommended to the several Assemblies, Conventions, & Councils or committees of Safety of the United Colonies immediately to cause all persons to be disarmed within their respective colonies who are notoriously disaffected to the cause of America, or who have not associated and refused to associate, to defend by arms the United Colonies against the Hostile Attempts of the British Fleets & Armies. Charles Tomson, Sec'y. Extract from the minutes [of Temple, NH]. (S4).
In consequence of the above Resolution fo the Hon. continental Congress, and to show our Determination in joining our american Brethren in defending the Lives, Liberties & Properties of the Inhabitants of the United Colonies.
We, the Subscribers, do hereby solemnly profess our entire willingness, at the Risque of our Lives & Fortunes, with arms, to oppose the Hostile Attempts of the British Fleets and Armies against the United American Colonies, whenever, and to such a degree, as such attempts of Britain may require.
Among the signers is Benjamin Tenney.

He served with a group of nine soldiers in Enoch Hale's regiment raised to reinforce General Gates at Ticonderoga, which engaged on 22 October 1776 and returned on 16 November 1776, with wages due of L2,18s. (S7). The town paid them all L27 in addition. (S4).

On 29 June 1777, an alarm came from Ticonderoga, and the turn out was immense. Among them is Benjamin Tenney. Benjamin drew 30 balls, 3 flints, and 1 pound of powder. (S4). He enlisted as a private on 29 June 1777 in (Captain Gershom's company, under Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Heald-S7)(in Capt. Drury's company, Lt. Col. P. Heald's Regiment-S4), and marched to reinforce the northern Continental army at Ticonderoga in June 1777. He was discharged on 12 July 1777, with wages due of L3,18s. (S7).

He enlisted under Lieutenant Bradford in 1778. He also served under Captain Adams. (S7).

On 1 December 1779 it was determined to set a new meeting-house at ye Spot where ye old meeting-house now stands, or as near as may be convenient. A committe of five men were chosen to make a draft for the meeting house. They were Francis Cragin, Abraham Dinsmore, Benjamin Tenney, S. R. Sticknee, and Ens. B. Cutter. On 15 December the plan of the committee was accepted, to be 55 feet in length and 42 feet in width, and 24 foot posts. (S4).

He died 2 September 1790 at Temple, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, in his 44th year; and was buried in the Old Cemetery in Temple. (S6).

Ruth BLANCHARD. [Familytree].
Born 18 August 1751 at Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts; daughter of Samuel BLANCHARD and Ruth TENNEY.

She married (1) Benjamin TENNEY on 28 January 1772.

She married (2) Darius Hudson on 28 May 1795 in Temple, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. (S4). They were married by Reverend Noah Miles. The record reads that Darius Hudson, of Pepperel, to ye widow Ruth Tenney, of Temple.

She died on 13 April 1831, probably in Temple, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire.

  1. Ruth Tenney. Born on 2 December 1772 in Hollis, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire.
  2. Benjamin Tenney. Born on 7 July 1774 at Hollis, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. Second Child of Benjamin and Ruth. (S9).
  3. Samuel Tenney. He died on 2 September 1775 in Temple, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire.
  4. William TENNEY. [Familytree]. Born 27 February 1778 at (Grafton, Grafton County)(Temple, Hillsborough County-S10), New Hampshire. He is listed as the second child of Benjamin and Ruth, probably because Samuel had died. (S10). He married Judith READ in 1802. He died 23 August 1838 at Dayton, Ohio.
  5. John Tenney. Born on 7 July 1790 on Temple, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. He was the 8th child of Benjamin and Ruth. (S11).


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