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Ephraim TINKHAM and Mary BROWNE

Ephraim TINKHAM. [Familytree].
The son of John TINKECOMBE and Martha BEARE. Tradition says that he was born about 1616 at Ashburnham or Ashburton, Devonshire, England. However, since he was christened 23 February 1617-8 at Barnstaple, Devon, England, and his older siblings were christened there earlier, he was undoubtedly born there also. [Check to see how near Asburnham and/or Ashburton are to Barnstaple].

Ephraim's father died in 1629 and he was left in the care of his step-mother. It was probably not long before his services were sold.

He was apparently brought to New England as a servant, as his services were transfered in July 1634 from Timothy Hatherly to John Winslow. Timothy Hatherly arrived in New England in the summer of 1630 on the ship Friendship, but did not stay.

He again came to New England in June 1632 on the ship Charles.

He came to New England again in 1633 on the ship William, and this time he stayed. Then in 1634, as mentioned above, the services of Ephraim were transfered to John Winslow.

Ephraim married Mary BROWN (about 1646-1648)(on 27 OCT 1647).

He made his will on 17 January 1683-1684, at which time he owned land in Plymouth, Middleboro, and Dartmouth. He died Between 17 JAN 1683 and 20 MAY 1685. His will was proved 5 JUN 1685 at Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachsetts, so it was probably closer to the latter date.

Mary BROWNE. (BROWN). [Familytree].
Born before 1 June 1627; daughter of Peter Browne and Martha, widow Ford.

She married Ephraim Tinkham in 1647 or 1648.

She died after 17 January 1683.



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