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Thorold de Pont-Audemer and Wevia de Crepon

Thorold de Pont-Audemer.
Also Known As: "Thorold", "Tourude", "Þóroldr", "Touroude were Touroude "the Wodcutter" of Ponte-Audemer and Thorold de Vieilles", "Tourude de Harcourt"
Born (about 945)(about 949-S1)(about 950-S4) at Pont-Audemer, Eure, France; son of Torf de Harcourt and Eremberga, dame de Briquebec. (S1).

By inheritance from his father was Seigneur du Ponteautorf, de Torville, Torcy, Torny, and Torly he became Sire du Ponteaudemer, which became his principal residence and by which name he was commonly known.

He married (1) Seinfreda de Crepon (Sainsfrida Seinfrie de Crépon-S1h), daughter of Herbastus de Crepon Sr.. They had a daughter Josseline de Beaumont about 955. (S1c).

Touroude also married (2) Senfrie Des Arques, daughter of Forester Des Arques. Senfrie was born about 942 in Arques, Seine-Inferieure, Normandy, France. She died in St. Vaast d'Equiqueville, Seine-Inferieure, Normandy, France. (S1h).

He married (2) Wevia de Crepon (about 975-S1c)(in 979)(about 980) in France. By his marriage he enhanced his position among the Norman nobility, and he was a prominent figure during the reigns of Dukes Richard II., Richard III., and Robert "the Devil" (996-1035).

Touroude was a forester in the area of St. Vaast d'Equiqueville.

Guillaume de Jumièges names "Turulfe de Pont-Audemer, son of Torf" when recording his marriage[2348]. "…Turaldus…" are named as present in the charter dated 1035 under which "Willelmus adhuc puerulus…Roberti comitis filius" donated "Turstini villa" to the abbey of Préaux. (S1a).

He died about 1040 (murdered [strangled] after 1040-S1a) at Pont, Eure, Haute-Normandie, France; and was bured at Preaux, Normandie, France. (S1).

Tourourde, Sir de Pon Audemer, was the son of one of the most zealous defenders of "William the Bastard," and was himself assassinated by the enemies of the young Duke. (S1i).

Wevia de Crepon. (Wewa)(Wevia)(Gueuve)(Avelina Duceline de Crepon)(Duvelina)(Woerta)(de Craspon)(Eva de Crepon-S4).
She was born (about 936)(about 942(about 945)(in 952-S3) in (Pont-Audemer, Eure-S1)( Arque, Seine-Inferieure, Normandy-S3), France; daughter of Herbastus de Crepon and Cyrid (Gunhild Gyrithe) of (Denmark)(Sweden-S1h).

As printed by Duchesne, this chapter implies that Wevia married Thorold de Pontaudemer and her sister Avenline married Osbern de Bolebec, but as printed by Marx, the passage contains words which reverse the meaning. It appears that in the time of Robert de Torigny it was believed that Wevia was the wife of Osbern de Bolebec. (White, 1921). (S3).

She was a younger sister of the Duchess Gunnora, wife of Richard I., Duke of Normandy. (S4).

She and her three sisters, as well as their husbands, are named by Robert de Torigny. Guillaume de Jumièges names "Gueuve et Aveline" as two sisters of Gunnor, recording that the former married "Turulfe de Pont-Audemer, son of Torf". The Genealogia Fundatoris of Tintern Abbey, Monmouthshire records that the (unnamed) sister of ”Gunnora comitissa Normanniæ” married “Turulpho de Ponte-Adomaro" (S1a).

The Genealogia Fundatoris of Tintern Abbey, Monmouthshire records that the (unnamed) sister of ”Gunnora comitissa Normanniæ” married “Turulpho de Ponte-Adomaro” (S1a).

She died (om 990-S3)(26 May 1037-S?) in Pont Audemer, Eure, Haute-Normandie, France. (S3).

CHILDREN of Thorold de Pont-Audemer and Wevia de Crepon
  1. Hugh de Beauchamp. (S1,S2,S3). born in 950 in Normandie, France. (S2). [Note: if he was born as early as 950 he would have to be the son of an earlier wife]. He died in 1008 in Vieilles Landes, Normandie, France.
  2. Honfroi, seigneur de Vieilles. (S1,S3). (Humphrey-S4). Born (about 975)(about 980-S4). He is named as son of Thorold by Orderic Vitalis. Seigneur de Vieilles et de Pont-Audemer, in Normandy. The Genealogia Fundatoris of Tintern Abbey, Monmouthshire names ”Humfridum de Vetulis” as son of “Turulpho de Ponte-Adomaro” & his wife. He witnessed charters under Robert I Duke of Normandy. He founded the monasteries of Saint-Pierre before 1035 and Saint-Leger in [1040], both at Préaux, near Pont-Audemer2354. "…Humfridus constructor eiusdem loci cum filiis suis Rogerio, Roberto, Willelmo…" are named as present in the charter dated 1035 under which "Willelmus adhuc puerulus…Roberti comitis filius" donated "Turstini villa" to the abbey of Préaux. Guillaume de Jumièges records that "Roger du Ternois" [Tosny] fought "Honfroi de Vaux" during his rebellion against Guillaume II Duke of Normandy during the early years of the latter's reign. He became a monk at the former before he died. He married AUBREY, daughter of ---. Robert of Torigny records that "Hunfridus de Vetulis, pater Rogerii de Bello Monte, et Albereda uxor eius" founded two monasteries, one for men the other for women, in "fundo Pratelli". (S1a). He married Auberee de la Haye. (S4). He died about 1045 (S4).
  3. Herbrand de Pont-Audemer. (S1,S3,S4). (Herbrard-S4).
  4. Richard de Harcourt. (S1,S3,S4).
  5. Gilbert de Harcourt. (S1,S3). (Gilberd-S4).
  6. Emma de Pont-Audemer. (S1,S3).
  7. Seigneur Turquetil (Thurketill) de Neufmarché. (S1,S3).
  8. ROGER. (S1a). (died after [1060]). "…Ingulfus dapifer, Rogerius filius Toraldi, Unfredus filius Ansquitilli, Rainaldus Foliot, Ricardus de Sturavilla, Gosfridus filius Rotberti Venatoris, Nigellus de Glanvilla, Rodulfus camerarius…Serlus filius Alveredi, Ricardus Britesonis filius" witnessed the charter dated to [1060] under which "Niellus vicecomes" donated six churches on Guernsey to the abbey of Marmoutier[2368]. It is not certain that Roger was the brother of Honfroi de Vieilles. However, no other person named Thorold has yet been identified in the primary sources so far consulted.] (S1a).
  9. Josseline. (Josceline-S1g). [said to be from a previous marriage to Seinfreda de Crepon b. circa 932-S1c]. She married Hugues de Montgomery in 994. (S1g,S4). (Roger Hugh I de Montgomery seigneur de Montgomery Vicomte de Montgomery Talvas).
  10. Ilbert. (S4).


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