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Gilbert de Venables and Margery de Hatton

Gilbert de Venables.
Born (between 1089 and 1145-S2)(in 1146-S1)(about 1175-S6) at Kinderton, Cheshire, England; son of Gilbert de Venables.

He married Margert de Hatton in (in 1133-S4)(1169-S3). Her father gave Gilbert half of the township of Marton in Prestbury parish, Cheshire. (S3,S5).

Gilbert, whose grandfather, also Gilbert de Venables, possessed Kinderton and other properties in Cheshire at the time of the Domesday survey, died in the reign of Henry II, king of England from 1154-1189. (S3).

Margery de Hatton.
Born (about 1110-D4)(about 1130-S3)(in 1153)(about 1175-S6) at (Hatton-S3)(Halton, Runcorn), Cheshire, England; daughter of William de Hatton.
Daughter of Walter de Hatton. (S3,S6).
Margaret was the daughter of Walthew, son of Wulfric. Margery's father, Walthew, also known as Waltheof, was the son of Wolfric, lord of Hatton, "according to a pedigree roll of Legh of Adlington" (S3,S4).

she was 14 when she gave birth to her daughter, Amabilla. (S3).

She died in 1190 in Kinderton, Cheshire, England. (S3,S4).

CHILDREN of Gilbert de Venables and Margery de Hatton:
  1. Amabilla de Hatton. She was married to Richard de Davenport and granted property by her brother William circa 1176; or 1156. She was aged 12 when she and her husband were given property by her brother circa 1156 (S3). William de Venables. Baron of Kinderton. He was living in 12 Henry III (1228). (S3).
  2. Hamon de Venables, granted lands in Wincham and from his brother Michael, lands in Marston, ancestor of Leigh of West-Hall. (S3).
  3. Gilbert de Venables. (S3).
  4. Michael de Venables of Marston, witnessed the grant of his brother Sir William to their sister Amabil about 1156, and to their brother Hugh circa 1188. (S3).
  5. R... de Venables. (S3).
  6. Hugh de Venables, parson of Eccleston, Astbury and Rosthorne. (S3).
  7. Maud de Venables, married 1) Ralph, son of Roger, and 2) Hugh de Brixis. (S3).


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