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Cornelis Viele and Suster Bouts

[F7998]. Cornelis (Cornelise) VIELE.
Born in 1643; son of Cornelis Volkertszen VIELE and Maria du TRIEUX.

He married Suster BOUTS.

He settled early in Schenectady, New York. In company with Claas Frederickse Van Petten, he bought Marten Cornelise Van Isselsteyn's bouwery in 1668.

In 1670 he sold his moiety consisting of 12 morgans and 130 rods, cith house, barn, two ricks and garden to Jurriaen Teunise Tappen of Albany. He took in exchange a house and lot in Albany on the west corner of State and Pearl Streets. Three years later he sold this house and lot to sheriff Richard Pretty. In 1671 he was a licensed tapster in Schenectady.

In 1677 he received a grant of 34 acres of land by patent on the "Steene kill", about 4 miles west of Schenectady, and on the south side of the Mowhawk river.

He died after 1690.

Suster BOUTS.
Born about 1647; daughter of Hendrick L. BOUT/SASSIAN She was of Schenechtady, New York. [Is Suster a title: (Sister) Bouts?].

She married Cornelis VIELE.

CHILDREN of Cornelis VIELE and Suster BOUTS:


Cornelis Viele and Suster Bouts
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