Richard VORE

[F2242]. Richard VORE. (Voare-S3).
Born (1590-S8)(in 1596-S1)(1599-S2)(about 1600-S3,S4,S6) at Crewkerne, Somersetshire (Essex County-S5), England; son of Thomas VORE [F4484] and Ann [F4485].

He married Ann HARRIS [F2243] on (before 1620-S4)(in 1624-S7)(22 NOV 1633) at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.

He died 22 (AUG-S3,S8)(NOV-S4,S6) 1683 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.

He settled in Dorchester, Mass. probably in 1630 with Rev. John Warham. He was a member of Mr. Warham's Church in Dorchester and was one of the company that migrated to Windsor in 1635. Rev. John Warham requested the privilege of building a small house upon his land for Mary Jones:

"Whereas Richard Vore upon Mr. John Warham's request, formerly gave him liberty to build a little house upon his land joining the north end of his [Vore's] then and now dwelling house for trhe use of his kinswoman Mary Jones to dwell in during her life, and at her death to give it to the said Richard; and the said Mary Jones being now deceased; this is to testify that I John Warhan do hereby alienate assign and set over the said house I builded as aforesaid to Richard Vore of Windsor in the Co. of Hartford, CT., etc., dated 12-15-1666". Item from Richard Vore's will, 7-1-1683: "I give Thomas Alvord, son of my daughter Mary Alvord, deceased, 5 shillings." [the above from "Descendants of Alexander Alvord".] (S10).

[F2243]. Ann HARRIS.
Born (about 1599-S6)(about 1602-S1,S2)(about 1604-S3)(in 1605) in England.

She married Richard VORE [F2242].

She died 7 DEC 1683 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.

CHILDREN of Richard VORE [F2242] and Ann HARRIS [F2243]:
  1. [F1121]. Mary VORE. Born 6 JUL 1617 (1627-S?,S6)(1628-S8) at Crewkerne, Somersetshire, England. She married Alexander ALVORD [F1120] on 29 OCT 1646 at Windsor, Connecticut. She died (probably in 1683)(at least before 1686)(25 OCT 1687-S6), at Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.
  2. Abigail VORE. Born in 1640.
  3. Lydia VORE. Born (about 1620-S4)(29 Mar 1633-S6) at Windsor, Connecticut. She married Nathaniel Cook on 29 JUN 1649. She died (14)(18-S4,S6) JUN 1698 at Windsor, Connecticut.
  4. Sarah VORE. b. 6 OCT 1635 Windsor, CT. d. 1 JAN 1674/75 Springfield, Mass.