WALTHEOF. The First Earl of Huntingdon. Earl of Northampton.
Son of SIWARD, Ealred of Northumberland and AEFFLAED of Bernicia.

Acceded in 1065.

He married Judith (of Normandy-S1)(of Lens-S2) in 1070.

After the Battle of Hastings he submitted to William the Conqueror; but when Sweyn II of Denmark invaded Northern England in 1069 he joined him with Edgar Ętheling and took part in the attack on York, only, however, to make a fresh submission after their departure in 1070. Then, restored to his earldom, he married William's niece, Judith, and in 1072 was appointed Earl of Northampton. {S2}.

Domesday Book (made by order of William the Conqueror and finally completed in 1086) mentions Waltheof ("Walleff"); "'In Hallam ("Halun"), one manor with its sixteen hamlets, there are twenty-nine carucates [~14 km²] to be taxed. There Earl Waltheof had an "Aula" [hall or court]. There may have been about twenty ploughs. This land Roger de Busli holds of the Countess Judith." (Hallam, or Hallamshire, is now part of the city of Sheffield, in the county of South Yorkshire). {S2}.

In 1075 Waltheof joined the conspiracy against the William arranged by the earls of Norfolk and Hereford; but soon repenting of his action he confessed his guilt to Archbishop Lanfranc, and then to William, who was in Normandy. Returning to England with William he was arrested, and after being brought twice before the king's court was sentenced to death. On the 31st of May 1076 he was beheaded on St. Giles's Hill, near Winchester. Weak and unreliable in character, Waltheof, like his father, is said to have been a man of immense bodily strength. Devout and charitable, he was regarded by the English as a martyr. {S2}.

He was executed on 31 MAY 1076 at St. Giles Hill; and was buried at Crowland. {S1}.

William the Conqueror executed Waltheof in 1076 after finding out (from Judith) that he has been involved in two conspiracies against him. Waltheof was the only Anglo-Saxon noble to be executed by William the Conqueror.

JUDITH of Normandy. (Judith of Lens).
A niece of William the Conqueror. Born about 1054-1055 in Normandy; a daughter of his half-sister ADELIZA, Countess of Aumale, and LAMBERT II, Count of Lens.

She married WALTHEOF of Huntingdon. She betrayed to him to her uncle and he was executed as a result at Winchester.

Judith founded Hitchin church.

She had land-holdings in 10 counties in the Midlands and East Anglia. Her holdings included lands at Grendon, Earls Barton, and Potton (Potone).

From the Doomsday Book:

In POTONE Hugh holds ½ virgate of land from the Countess. Land for 1 plough; it is there, with 1 smallholder. The value is and was 5s; before 1066, 2s. Earl Tosti held this land in Potton, his manor.

Countess Judith holds POTONE herself. It answers for 10 hides. Land for 12 ploughs. In lordship 3½ hides; 3 ploughs there. 18 villagers and 2 Freemen with 8 ploughs; a ninth possible. 13 smallholders and 3 slaves. 1 mill, 5s; meadow for 12 ploughs; pasture for the village livestock. In total, value £12; when acquired 100s; before 1066 £13. King Edward held this manor; it was Earl Tosti's. There were 4 Freemen who had 1 hide and 1 virgate; they could grant to whom they would.

In (Cockayne) HATLEY Countess Judith holds 3 hides and 2½ virgates as one manor. Land for 6½ ploughs. In lordship 1 hide and ½ virgate; 2 ploughs there. 8 villagers with 4½ ploughs; woodland, 4 pigs. Value £6 5s; when acquired 100s; before 1066 £6. Earl Tosti held this manor. It lies in Potton, the Countess' own manor. A Freeman had 1 virgate; he could grant and sell, and withdraw to another lord.

Ranulf brother of Ilger holds EVERTON from the Countess. It answers for 5 hides. Land for 5 ploughs; 2 ploughs there; 3 possible. 4 villagers; 5 smallholders. Meadow for 1 plough. Value £3; when acquired 100s; as much before 1066. Earl Tosti held this manor. It lay in Potton, the Countess' own manor.

Judith refused to marry Simon I of St Liz, 1st Earl of Northampton. This refusal angered her uncle, King William I of England, who confiscated Judith's estates after she fled the country. {S2}.

She died after 1086. {S2}.

  1. MATILDA of Northumberland. Born about 1074. She married (1) Simon de ST LIZ of Huntingdon. She married (2) DAVID, The Saint, of Scotland. She died in 1131; buried in Scone Abbey, Perthshire, Scotland.
  2. Judith (Alice) of Huntingdon. {S1}. She married Ralph II, de TONI.
  3. (daughter-S2)(Alice?).