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Francis Warde and Susannah Brown

Francis WARDE.
Born (25 October 1579)(1610-S3) in Filby, Norfolk, England; son Robert WARDE and Alyce PIXTON.

He married (1) Susannah BROWN in June 1603 at Filby, Norfolk, England.

He married (2) Margaret DENTON on 23 Aug 1627 at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.

He married (3) Rachel about 1632.

He died (1647-1648)(after 1669-S3) at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.

[Even though Source three says he died after 1669, it says he was buried in 1648].

Susannah BROWN.
Born in 1581, Norfolk, England; daughter of Edmunde BROWN and Elleyne. (S2). [Source 2 does not clarify if Edmunde and Elleyne are the correct family BROWN or not, but it is probably so].

She married Francis WARDE.

She died in Norfolk, England.

CHILDREN of Francis WARDE and Susannah BROWN:
  1. Lucy WARD. She married Robert PAGE.
  2. Susanna WARDE
  3. Marie WARDE
  4. Francis WARDE
  5. William WARDE
  6. Thomas WARD
  7. Anne WARDE