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William Warner and Abigail Baker

William WARNER. [Familytree].
Born (20 October 1594-S2)(Christened 10 March 1585-1586-S1); son of Samuel WARNER. He was chrisltened on 10 March 1585-1586 at Great Horkesley, Essex, England. (source?)

He was of Boxted, Essex, England.(S2).

He married Abigail BAKER about 11610-1611 at Boxted, Essex, England. His wife died before 1635. Did he remarry? He came to New England in 1637 and settled in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

He died (before 1648-S1)(MAR 1648-S2) at Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts.

Abigail BAKER. [Familytree].
Born in 1589-1590, of Boxted, Essex, England.

She married William WARNER [F15666] about 1610-1611 at Boxted, Essex, England.

She died before 1635, which means before her husband moved to New England. She died on 1 November 1659; probably in Boxted, Essex, England.

CHILDREN of William WARNER and Abigail BAKER:
  1. John WARNER. Born in 1612 at Boxted, Essex, England . He died in 1613/1614 at Boxsted, Essex, England.
  2. Abigail WARNER. [Familytree]. Born 2 June 1614 at (Great Horkesley-S2)(Boxtead), Essex, England. She married (Deacon) Thomas WELLS on 23 June 1630 at St. Betelph’s, Colchester, Essex, England. She died 22 July 1671 at Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts.
  3. John WARNER. Born 9 September 1616, probably at Boxted, Essex, England. He died 17 MAY 1692 at Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.
  4. Hoyt WARNER. Born in 1617 at Boxtead, Essex, England.
  5. Daniel WARNER. Born in 1617-1618, probably at Boxted, Essex, England . He died on 9 September 1688 -- Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts.
  6. Nathaniel WARNER. Born in 1618 at Boxted, Essex, England.


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