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(Sir) Henry Alexander Webb and Grace Arden

(Sir) Henry Alexander WEBB. [Familytree]. [Webb Family Study].
Born on 11 May 1510 at Bearley, Warwickshire, England; son of (Sir) John Alexander WEBB.

Undoubtedly named after Henry VIII due to the close family association with the royal family. The continued close association of the Webb family and royalty are documented in a letter sent by the Queen, Catherine Parr, requesting that grants and privileges due Henry Alexander Webb be fulfilled as promised. Sir Henry Alexander permanently secured nobility for the family when on 17 June 1577, he was granted a coat of arms. Here is one description of the Webb Coat of Arms: The cross in the arms shows that the ancestor was with King Richard Cour de Leon in the 3rd Crusade or Holy War. The falcons are the birds of Palestine and denote swiftness and courage, and they show that the ancestor was at one time employed in Palestine. The ducal crown in the crest was given to those who had been in the service of one of the sovereign dukes of The French Confederation, and the eagle shows that the ancestor had won a battle at sea while in command of the vessel in which it was fought. The motto translates 'Principals not Men'. {S2}.

For nearly two hundred years the WEBBs had resided in this place [Stratford] before Alexander Jr with his four sons came to America. The brothers had become quite wealthy. They sold their estate in England for a large sum of money prior to their departure. This English property was inherited through their ancestor, Sir Henry Alexander Webb. A copy of the letter which Catherine Parr sent her Council (Cabinet Ministers) asking them to grant her beloved friend, Sir Henry Alexander Webb, the lands and estates that had been mentioned for him is still in existence. These lands had been confiscated by the King at the suppression of the monasteries and were located in Dorsetshire, England. In later years they became of value to the children who came to America. Sir Henry Alexander Webb was usher in the Privy Council of Catherine Parr, Queen Regent of Britian in the 16th century. Catherine Parr, 6th Queen of Henry VIII of England, tactful, kindly woman to whose influence her stepchildren, the future sovereigns Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I owed much. Among the few existing documents connected with the regency of Catherine Parr was one while Henry VIII was conducting the siege of Boulogne in 1544 AD. There is in the Crotonain Collections a letter to her council headed: Katherine, Queen Regent, K.P. in favor of her trusty and well beloved servant, Henry Alexander Webb, gentleman, usher of her Privy Chamber." The letter is in regard to some grants and privileges to Henry Alexander Webb, but which have not been fulfilled. It concludes "we most heartily desire and pray you to be favorable to him at this our earnest request. Given under my Hand and Signet, at my Lord, the King's Majesty's Honor of Hampton Court, the 23d of July and the 36th of his Highness most noble Reign." {S3}.

He married Grace ARDEN about 1523-1533 in Stratford, Warwickshire, England (S3), sister of Robert Arden who married Mary Webb, grandmother of Shakespeare. (S4A).

He died about 1544 in England.

Grace ARDEN. [Webb Family-Our Connection With William Shakespeare].
Born about 1512 (Of Aston Cantlow parish-S2)(in Wilmecote-S3,S4), Warwickshire, England; daughter of Thomas ARDEN of Aston Cantlow, Warwickshire, England.

She died on 3 December 1539 in Windsor, Hertsfordshire, England.

CHILDREN of Henry WEBB and Grace ARDEN:
  1. (Sir) Alexander WEBB. [Familytree]. Alexander was born on 24 December 1534 in Bearley, Warwickshire, England. He married Margaret Arden, a daughter of the wealthy Stratford landowner Thomas Arden, in 1555. Margaret was the sister of Mary Arden, eventual mother of William Shakespeare. Her mother, Mary Webb Arden, is also the aunt of Alexander Webb.
  2. Agnes WEBB. (S2,S3,S4). She married (1) Robert Arden. She married (2) John Hill.
  3. Henry WEBB. (S3,S4). Born on 15 May 1537 in Stratford, Warwickshire, England.
  4. Robert WEBB. (S2).
  5. Mary Webb. (S4).



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