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Thomas Wellington and (1) Rebecca Simonds; (2) Cherry Adams

Thomas WELLINGTON. [Ancestors].
Born 10 November 1686 at Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts; son of Joseph WELLINGTON and Elizabeth STRAIGHT.

He married (1) Rebecca SIMONDS.

[NOTE: The will of Rebecca SIMONDSí father, Joseph SIMONDS, shows quite clearly that daughter Rebecca was married to Wellington. This indicates that Rebecca Whitmore, who is often cited as the wife of Thomas Wellington, could not have been married to him. Rebecca Simonds and Rebecca Whitmore were born within about 8 years of each other, and in the same town, but as no record of marriage is found, this Will must stand as proof of the correct relationship. This leaves the question open of who the husband of Rebecca Whitmore could be, but I see no indication in the records that it was Thomas Wellington. -RAM].

He married (2) Cherry ADAMS.(S3).

He died (3 July 1759-S3)(24 December 1759-S?) at Menotomy, later West Cambridge, now Arlington, Middlesex, Massachusetts.

WIFE (1):
Rebecca SIMONDS. [Ancestors].
Born 11 June 1682 at Cambridge Farms (now Lexington), Massachusetts, daughter of Joseph SIMONDS and Mary TIDD.

She married Thomas WELLINGTON in 1708.

She died on 6 November 1734 at Lexington, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

  1. Joseph WELLINGTON. [Ancestors]. Born 1 November 1686 or 21 November 1711 at Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. He married Dorcas STONE on 13 November 1733 at W. Massachusetts. He died (13 May ?) 1754.


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