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WILLIAM III, Count of Holland & Hainault and Jeanne of Valois

WILLIAM III, Count of Holland & Hainault. (Willem, William the Good, de Avesnes, Guillaume III le Bon, Guillaume III d' Avesnes /Ct de Hainault).
Born (in 1280-S4)(about 1286) at Hainault, France; son of JEAN II, Count of Avesnes, and PHILIPPA, Countess of Luxembourg. He became Count of Holland in 1304. He married JEANNE de Valois on (25-S4)(29) MAY 1305. He died on (6 JUN-S4)(8 JUN) 1337 at Valenciennes, Nord, France.

JEANNE de Valois. (Jean, Jeanne Capet).
Born about 1290 at Valois, France; daughter of CHARLES of France, Count of Valois and MARGUERITE de Anjou. She died 7 MAR 1342 at Fontenelle, Yonne, France.

CHILDREN of WILLIAM III, Count of Holland & Hainault, and Jeanne de VALOIS:
  1. PHILIPPA of Hainault. Born 24 JUN 1311 at Valenciennes. She married Edward III Plantagenet King Of England. She died 15 AUG 1369 at Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England; and was buried at Westminster Abbey.
  2. MARGARETHA de HAINAULT of Hainault & Holland.
  3. Count William IV d'Avesnes


Jeanne of Valois. She married William III, The Good, Count of Holland and Haunault.
Philippa of Hainault. She married Edward III Plantagenet, King Of England.
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