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William Washington Williams and Elizabeth Ann Burkett

[F120]. William Washington WILLIAMS.
Born (about 1820)(about 1821)(in 1825-S6) at Bellefontaine, Logan County, Ohio. (S7). [check to see if they came with the group from Silver Lake, Michigan].

Paul Russell believes that Henry Williams, the father of Henry and Newton Williams, is also the father of William Washington Williams, even though there is no convincing proof or hard evidence of such. He bases his belief on the fact that Henry Williams settled in Logan County, Ohio, the same county where William Washington Williams was born, and that he believes the birth dates of Henry Williams children line up with when William Washington Williams was born. (S6).

He married Elizabeth Ann BURKETT [F121] in September (1843-S?)(S1844-S7).

He died on 6 August 1845 at Madison Island, Hancock County, Illinois and was buried there. He is said to have drowned in the Mississippi River.

The LDS Church Land and Records Office in Nauvoo, Illinois says that he was buried in the Old Nauvoo Pioneer Burial Grounds in Nauvoo, Illinois. (S6b).

[F121]. Elizabeth Ann BURKETT. (See her separate life story-Elizabeth Ann Burkett.]
Born 1 NOV 1825 at Winchester, Randolf County, Indiana; daughter of George BURKETT Jr. [F242] and Sarah Jane SMITH (SCHMIDT) [F243].

She married (1) William Washington WILLIAMS [F120] in SEP 1843. He died 6 AUG 1845 at Madison, Hancock County, Illinois; when he drowned in the Mississippi River.

She married (2) Matthew JOHNSON about 1846-1848 in Lee County, Iowa.

She married (3) Orvill Morgan ALLEN [F120b] on 4 AUG 1850.

She died on 23 January 1908 at Pima, Graham County, Arizona.

John Matthew Johnson.

He married Elizabeth Ann Burkett.

They had son John Matthew Johnson born on 22 November 1849 in Pottawattamie County, Iowa. (S7).

In 1850 Elizabeth left him to join the saints because he did not believe in Mormonism. (S7).

CHILDREN of William Washington WILLIAMS [120] and Elizabeth Ann BURKETT [121]:
  1. [F60]. George William Washington WILLIAMS. Born 18 January 1845 at Madison Island, Hancock County, Illinois. He married 13 SEP 1869 to Lydia FERRIN [61]. He died 10 JUL 1928.