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Henry Wood (Atwood) and Abigail Jenney

Henry WOOD (ATWOOD). [Familytree].

Born in (1594)(1620-S1) at Chancery Lane, London, Middlesex County, England; son of John ATWOOD (WOOD) Joan COLESON.

Henry first appears at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1641. He received land in Plymouth in 1641, adjoining his brothers John and Stephen. He was called Wood, alias Atwood.

Why did Henry change the family name from ATWOOD to WOOD? To escape religeous persecution? To evade the authorities?

He married Abigail JENNEY on (25-S?)(28-S1) April 1644.

He was admitted as Freeman in 1647.

In 1648 received land jointly with brothers John and Stephen. Each in turn was in charge of the herring weir.

He moved with Stephen to Eastham, but returned to settle in Middleboro, Massachusetts.

He died on 30 September 1670, probably at Middleboro, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.

Abigail JENNEY. [Familytree].
Born in 1619 at Leyden, Zuid, Holland; daughter of John JENNEY and Sarah CAREY.

She died after 1690 in Massachusetts.

CHILDREN of Henry WOOD (Atwood) and Abigail JENNEY:
  1. Abiel WOOD. Born in 1657 in Marlboro, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. He married Abijah BOWEN on 10 December 1683. He died on 10 October 1719 in Middleboro, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.


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