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Thomas Woodford and Mary Blott

Born (in 1612-S?)(by 1614 based on date of freemanship-S1) at Roxbury, Lincolnshire, England; son of Joseph WOODFORD.

Thomas migrated to New England in 1632 on the ship Willima & Francis. (S1).

He came to New England as an indentured servant. He was admitted to the Roxbury church as a member in 1632. (S1).

He married Mary BLOTT on 4 March 1635 at Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts.

He became a freeman on 4 March 1634-1635. (S1).

He afterward removed to Connecticut in 1636, and joined the church at Hartford. (S1).

In the Hartford land inventory in February 1639-1640 Thomas Woodford held ten parcels (the last six of which were acquired by him after the date at the head of the inventory): two acres on which his dwelling house now standeth with yards, or gardens, therein being, wich he bought of Mr. Allin, and was the land of John Barnard; two acres in the West Field; four acres on the east side of the Great River (annotated sold Jasper Gunn); five acres in the neck of land; four acres at the swamp at Podounck (annotated sold Jasper Gunn); three acres of swamp on the east side of the Great River with a barn in halves with John Bidall satnding thereon, which was sometime the land & half barn of John Clark (annotated March the 2, 1655); two acres on the east side of the Great River whch was sometime the land of John Clark; one parcel of upland on the east side of the Great River which was sometime the land of John Clark, containig to the end of Hartford being all his dividend in that long land; seven acres of upland given him by the town (annotated October the 19th, 1655); and four acres of swamp on the east side of the Great River which was confirmed to Isack Shelden as successor to Thomas Woodford by Osias Goodwine (annotated sold Andrew Sandford) [HaBOP 175-77]. (S1).

He was appointed on 25 October 1644 to collect money in Hartford for the maintenance of scholars at Cambridge. (S1).

On 18 May 1653 Tho[mas] Woodford is freed from watching during the pleasure of the Court. [CCCR 1:24]. (S1).

He returned to Massachusetts in 1656 and settled in Northampton. (S1).

He died 6 March 1666-1667 at Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts. (S1).

He signed his will. His inventory included books valued at 1 pounds 8 shillings, and in his will he gave the titles of some in a bequest to his daughters. (S1).

In his will, dated 26 April 1665 and proved 26 March 1667, Thomas Woodford bequeated his entire estate to my three daughters, that is to say I give to my daughter Mary & to her children my eight acre lot next to my son Shelden's lot and some moveables; to my daughter Hannah & to her children half my lot in rainbow, & half that I have in Munhan & one acre & a rood in the great Swamp and some moveables; to my daughter Sara & to her children if she live to have any children living after herself I say I give to her half my lot in rainbow & half that I have in Munhan and some moveables; my house & barn & orchard & homelot with the addition over the brook & the allowance for that in Munhan which joint to it...to be divided equally between my three daughters<.i>; my son Isaak Shelden to be executor and Mr. Williams and Henry Cunliffe to be overseers; to my daughter Hannah my new Bible, & my other books as Mr. Button's & Doctor Preston's with the rest & Mr. Bifield's I give them equally amongs my three daughters, desiring the Lord that he would give them a heart to make good use of them. [Goodwin Anc 2:189-90, citing HamPR 1:82]. (S1).

The inventory of the estate of Thomas Woodford, taken 12 March 1666-1667, totalled 197 pounds, 19shillings, 6 pennies, including 119 pounts in real estate: a dwelling house, barn, orchard, garden, with land adjoining and with four acres over the swamp, 60 poungs; 8 acres of land in the 3d Square, 24 pounds; 5 acrees of mowing land in the Great Rainbow, 25 poungs; 2 acres 1/4 in Munhan, 8 pounds; and 1 acre 1/4 in the Great Swamp, 2 pounds. [HamPR 1:83]. (S1).

Born between 1615 and 1618. She was the daughter of Robert Blott and Susan Selbee. She was christened on 24 December 1609 at Harrold, Bedfordshire, England. (S1).

She married Thomas WOODFORD on 4 March 1635 at Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts.

She died 10 January 1660 at Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.

Her father's will was dated 27 May 1662, and she was deceased before that date. (S1).

  1. Mary WOODFORD. (S1). Born 24 January 1636, probably at Roxbury, Norfolk County, Massachusetts. She married Isaac SHELTON in 1652-1653 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut. She died 17 April 1684 at Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts.
  2. Hannah Woodford. (S1). Born about 1642. She married Samuel Allen on 29 November 1659 in Northampton, Massachusetts. On 27 September Samuel Allen of Northampton sued John Bliss for Northampton for unjustly stealing away the affectons of Hannah Woodford his espoused wife, but Allen withdrew the suit for that he found himself defective in his testimony. On 9 July 1660 John Winthrop Jr. treated Allen, Sam[uel] his wife, Goodman Woodford's daughter, 171/2 y. hath been but half year married. (S1).
  3. Sarah Woodford. (S1).Christened 2 September 1649 in Hartford. She married Nehemiah Allen on 21 September 1664 in Northampton. (S1).


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