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Richard Wright and Hester Cooke

Richard Wright. [Familytree].
Born in 1608 (S1,S2,S4,S5); William Wright and Priscilla (Carpenter-S1,S5)(Cooper-S3). (S1).

He arrived in New England in 1621 in the ship Fortune (S5).

He married Hester Cooke on 21 November 1644 in Massachusetts. (S2,S4,S5,S6).

He inherited through his wife the Old Homestead at Rocky Nook, known as Cooke's Hollow on Jones River, a few miles from Plymouth. (S5).

Richard Wright had a mind of his own and did not propose to be driven by the powers that be. (S5).

When Rehoboth was founded in 1645 he built a mill. (S5).

In 1646, because he would no leave his mill to serve as deputy he was fined, that being one of the penalties for refusing to accept office. The public good must be consulted before private interests was the verdict rendered in his case. (S5).

His will was written on 8 June 1691. (S7).

He died (in 1681-S2)(in 1691-S1,S5)(on 8 June 1691-S3)(on 9 June 1691-S6,S7) at Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. (S1,S3,S6,S7).

Hester Cooke. [Familytree].
Born (in 1618-S10(in 1622-S4) at Leyden, Holland; daughter of Francis Cooke and Hester Mahieu. (S1).

She arrived in New England in 1623 in the ship Ann. (S5).

She died in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. (S1).

CHILDREN of Richard Wright and Hester Cooke
  1. Adam Wright. Born about 1645. (S5,S6). He married (1) Sarah Soule, daughter of John Soule, who came over in the Mayflower. (S5). They had two children, one of who was Isaac. (S5). Adam married (2) Mehitable Barrowes. They had 8 children. (S5). Adam died on 20 September 1724 at Plymouth. (S5,S6).
  2. Esther Wright. Born in 1649. (S5,S6). She married Mr. Tinkham. (S3). She died on 28 May 1717. (S6).
  3. Mary Wright. [Familytree]. Birth in 1654 at Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts. She married Hugh Price. She died on 1 November 1711 at Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
  4. John Wright. Born before 1656. (S6). His will was written on 7 Decmeber 1675. His will was probated on 7 June 1676. (S6).
  5. Isaac Wright. Born 26 August (1652-S6)(1662-S5). He died between 7 December 1675 and 7 June 1676.
  6. Samuel Wright. He died between 7 December 1675 and 7 June 1676.